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Games Coordinators:      Sandra Slatter   & Vicki Forde

Heathcote Fun Run:        Sarah Schroeder / Brad Todd / Jane Anderson

Arts & Culture:               Jodie Doyle & Maree Hingston

Site Manager:                 Paul Goujon

Grants:                          Pauline Gordon

Communications:            Jane Hammond

Design:                          Conception (Pete Bunce)

Media:                            Bronwyn Lumsden



The O’Keefe Rail Trail Marathon:

Event Director                Sandra Slatter & Race Director Craig Green




Heathcote Community Games

Owned by the Community & led by volunteers.

All ages and all abilities

Social connectedness & inclusivity 

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T: ​0417 350 911

E: heathcotecommunitygames@gmail.com


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Mandalay Resources are again supporting a local event in Regional Victoria and Heathcote. Their support is valued and not only with monetary assistance, but human resources, their expertise and other infrastructure requirements for the event to proceed.

Heathcote Community House are providing assistance with finances and insurances for the event.

Website content –  Sandra Slatter

Website design – Bronwyn Lumsden & Craig Green

DVD production – Imagine Pictures (Anthony Webster)

Images – McIvor Times, Sandra Slatter, Heathcote Community House,

Imagine Pictures (Anthony Webster)